Abdul Qadir Arif

Organizational Knowledge Learning and Capabilities

Organizational knowledge learning and capabilities, Your learning and development have impact and add value in an organization. Is learning being applied in your organization?  A review of the 'learning transfer problem' shows that despite a great deal of research, companies are investing in the 'hope' that learning interventions have impact and add value. Secondly, the primary role of learning transfer in Strategic Human Resource Development is to create alignment.  The fact that any evaluation process has built in gaps and omissions creates problems and whilst we design learning interventions for behavioral change, we focus measurement on “edutainment’’.

Keeping in view the significance of the topic for the members. The Northern Regional Committee of ICAP and Southern Regional Committee of ICAP have jointly arrange the live webinar on January 15, 2020 at 09:00pm Pakistan Standard Time with Mr. Mike Smith.

In this live webinar, you will further learn organizational alignment with the business strategy, the relevance and applicability of a learning intervention, the engagement and support of all the stakeholders and the individual learner – creating empowered achievers.

Organizational Knowledge Learning and Capabilities

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