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Karachi School of Business & Leadership Si-Merge 2020

Karachi School of Business & Leadership Si-Merge 2020, In the dynamic world of both academics and business, case studies, and simulations have become increasingly popular in the leading business schools of the world; for the interactive learning experience that they offer. ICAP wants its students to stay ahead and participate in such activities. One such competition that will take you on a unique adventure and experience Harvard case study Simulation is SiMERGE by Karachi School of Business & Leadership (KSBL).

SiMERGE’20 is a grand competition where the most competent students from different universities compete to test their mettle in four core business functions: Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and Human Resource. The event will take place on January 24th through January 26th, 2020 at KSBL.

During the three-day contest, participants will get an exclusive opportunity to interact and be mentored by world-class faculty and corporate leaders invited as guest speakers and as a part of the jury. To keep the participants’ energy levels high throughout the competition, there will be a series of fun-filled activities, entertaining social nights and networking dinner.

SiMERGE’20 aims to introduce participants to complex scenarios that one inevitably faces in a corporate or business setting. It will also prepare them for multi-faceted methods of strategic decision making, by means of the following approaches:

  1. Real-world scenarios: Exposing participants to professional business challenges, decision-making situations, and consequences.
  2. Learning by doing: Experiencing the significance of strategizing and synchronizing activities from the inception to the end.
  3. Co-operation through cross-functional teamwork: Understanding different perspectives in an organization to visualize, plan and implement strategic thinking comprehensively.
  4. Accelerated learning: Grasping a wide range of concepts and techniques in a short time period.

Registration and event details are available on KSBL Facebook page,


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