Abdul Qadir Arif
CFO Should Plan Year 2020

How a CFO Should Plan Year 2020

How a CFO Should Plan Year 2020 is a big question. CFO role in the ever changing business environment is becoming more and more challenging. Today, they are no longer just focused on the financial health of the company, as organizations have gotten more complex, so are their responsibilities. That is why their roles have evolved far beyond finance to emerge as strategic business leader, transformation enabler and an expert of technology to handle the big data and to extract the useful business insights therefrom.

In the fast changing business environment, CFOs need to be driver of change and for that they need to shift their foresight beyond the Accounting, controls and compliance functions, towards the decision support and strategic business partnering. This transition requires some heavy up-lifting coupled with conscious efforts to learn and practice new skills and develop strategic thinking.


What should be the top priority of CFO Should Plan Year 2020?

  1. Develop Finance as a Strategic Partner, or
  2. Create Finance Digital Transformation, or
  3. Significantly Upgrade the Finance Talent?


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