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Organizational Knowledge Learning and Capabilities

Organizational knowledge learning and capabilities, Your learning and development have impact and add value in an organization. Is learning being applied in your organization?  A review of the 'learning transfer problem' shows that despite a great deal of research, companies are investing in the 'hope' that learning interventions have impact and add value. Secondly, the primary role of learning transfer in Strategic Human Resource Development is to create alignment.  The fact that any evaluation process has built in gaps and omissions creates problems and whilst we design learning interventions for behavioral change, we focus measurement on “edutainment’’.

Keeping in view the significance of the topic for the members. The Northern Regional Committee of ICAP and Southern Regional Committee of ICAP have jointly arrange the live webinar on January 15, 2020 at 09:00pm Pakistan Standard Time with Mr. Mike Smith.

In this live webinar, you will further learn organizational alignment with the business strategy, the relevance and applicability of a learning intervention, the engagement and support of all the stakeholders and the individual learner – creating empowered achievers.

Organizational Knowledge Learning and Capabilities

Karachi School of Business & Leadership Si-Merge 2020

Karachi School of Business & Leadership Si-Merge 2020, In the dynamic world of both academics and business, case studies, and simulations have become increasingly popular in the leading business schools of the world; for the interactive learning experience that they offer. ICAP wants its students to stay ahead and participate in such activities. One such competition that will take you on a unique adventure and experience Harvard case study Simulation is SiMERGE by Karachi School of Business & Leadership (KSBL).

SiMERGE’20 is a grand competition where the most competent students from different universities compete to test their mettle in four core business functions: Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and Human Resource. The event will take place on January 24th through January 26th, 2020 at KSBL.

During the three-day contest, participants will get an exclusive opportunity to interact and be mentored by world-class faculty and corporate leaders invited as guest speakers and as a part of the jury. To keep the participants’ energy levels high throughout the competition, there will be a series of fun-filled activities, entertaining social nights and networking dinner.

SiMERGE’20 aims to introduce participants to complex scenarios that one inevitably faces in a corporate or business setting. It will also prepare them for multi-faceted methods of strategic decision making, by means of the following approaches:

  1. Real-world scenarios: Exposing participants to professional business challenges, decision-making situations, and consequences.
  2. Learning by doing: Experiencing the significance of strategizing and synchronizing activities from the inception to the end.
  3. Co-operation through cross-functional teamwork: Understanding different perspectives in an organization to visualize, plan and implement strategic thinking comprehensively.
  4. Accelerated learning: Grasping a wide range of concepts and techniques in a short time period.

Registration and event details are available on KSBL Facebook page,


CFO Should Plan Year 2020

How a CFO Should Plan Year 2020

How a CFO Should Plan Year 2020 is a big question. CFO role in the ever changing business environment is becoming more and more challenging. Today, they are no longer just focused on the financial health of the company, as organizations have gotten more complex, so are their responsibilities. That is why their roles have evolved far beyond finance to emerge as strategic business leader, transformation enabler and an expert of technology to handle the big data and to extract the useful business insights therefrom.

In the fast changing business environment, CFOs need to be driver of change and for that they need to shift their foresight beyond the Accounting, controls and compliance functions, towards the decision support and strategic business partnering. This transition requires some heavy up-lifting coupled with conscious efforts to learn and practice new skills and develop strategic thinking.


What should be the top priority of CFO Should Plan Year 2020?

  1. Develop Finance as a Strategic Partner, or
  2. Create Finance Digital Transformation, or
  3. Significantly Upgrade the Finance Talent?


  • How to upgrade yourself from a CFO to Strategic CFO role
  • A Peek into the Future of Work
  • Preparing for the Future of Finance
  • Growing Skill Gap: A Threat or Opportunity?
  • Finance Talent Redefined
  • How to Make 2020 a Year of Your Personal and Career Transformation

Issuance of SRO 1440 (1)/2019

Issuance of SRO 1440 (1)/2019 Dated November 26, 2019, Please find enclosed, copy of the Gazette of Pakistan Statutory Regulatory Order No. 1440 (I)/2019 dated November 26, 2019 the Annex to this order contains the consolidated list of all individuals and entities listed by the Taliban (1988) Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council as of 26 November 2019 who will be subject to sanction measures of asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo as set out in Security Council resolution 2255 (2015) adopted under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.

Further, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intends to issue S.R.Os containing the consolidated list of all individuals and entities subject to sanctions under the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, on a quarterly basis in addition to issuance of regular S.R.Os to reflect updates/changes made by the Committee.

The List can also be accessed at:

  1. https://www.interpol.int/en/How-we-work/Notices/View-UN-Notices-Individuals
  2. https://www.un.org/securitycouncil/content/un-sc-consolidated-list

These UN Security Council imposed sanctions are required to be disseminated and implemented by all member States, and all member States are obliged to:

  1. Freeze without delay the funds and other financial assets or economic resources, including funds derived from property owned or controlled directly or indirectly and to ensure that neither these nor any other funds, financial assets or economic resources are made available, directly or indirectly for such persons’ benefit;
  2. Prevent the entry into or the transit through their territories;
  3. Prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale, or transfer of arms and related material, including military and paramilitary equipment, technical advice, assistance or training related to military activities, with regard to the individuals, groups, undertakings and entities placed on the List.

You are requested to take note of the above.


Invitation to Attend 182nd Meeting of CA

Invitation to Attend 182nd Meeting of CA

invitation to attend 182nd meeting of CA, If you wish to be an inspirational leader, CA Toastmasters Club Lahore can help you.

Toastmasters International is a world renowned forum for communication and leadership development. To know more about the Toastmasters International program, to witness fellow Chartered Accountants become amazing leaders and to join the club, attend our 182nd meeting on Wednesday December 18, 2019, 6:30pm at ICAP House, Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore.

Guests and participants get 3 CPD hours.

Observe club members deliver their prepared projects, learn from evaluations by experienced toastmasters and if you find it interesting then participate in the impromptu speech session.

Looking forward!

Ghulam Abbas, FCA, FCMA
CA Toastmasters Club Lahore

Spiritual Transformation in Business

Spiritual Transformation in Business

Spiritual Transformation in Business or Business Revolution is a holistic approach to leadership in which the leader strives to encourage a sense of significance and interconnections among employees. Spiritual leadership involves the application of spiritual values and principles to the workplace.

Keeping in view the significance of the topic for the members. The Northern Regional Committee of ICAP and Southern Regional Committee of ICAP have jointly arrange the live webinar on December 18, 2019 at 09:00pm Pakistan Standard Time with Mr. Andras Laszlo.

In this live webinar we will be exploring the meaning, advantage and unique added value of spirituality for leadership and innovation in today’s and tomorrow’s organizations. Prospecting and reclaiming the inner perspective of leadership, mass collaboration and ever-deepening inter connectivity, the essence of Spiritual Leadership/Leader Shift. You will learn entering a new ERA = Ethically Responsible Action, covering a spectrum of new models of communication, being, leadership/ leader Shift, business and spiritual transformation in business.

You can log on and watch from your home, office etc anywhere per your comfort. Please follow registration link for attending the webinar


For further details please see to attached flyer.